What is Porta Norte?

Porta Norte is a luxury master-planned community, where our main focus is to build a Traditional Neighborhood Development designed primarily for people. Panama’s Casco Viejo is our main source of inspiration. In Porta Norte you will be able to experience a sense of community only felt in cities built before the widespread adoption of cars.

It is the first master-planned community in Panama following the principles of New Urbanism. Porta Norte is located on the new “Vía Panamá Norte”, next to the Golf Club of Panama.

Business Model

Porta Norte offers developers the ability to purchase blocks and lots that will have to abide the Code of Porta Norte. We will maintain control of public spaces, ensuring the creation of public spaces with human-scaled design.

Porta Norte

Right from the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create a vibrant community. Vibrant communities are created and enhanced when people interact with each other. New Urbanism is an urban design movement to make people interact, thus creating community. That is why we chose the leaders of the New Urbanism to be our designers, which is Duany Plater-Zyberk. We brought DPZ, headed by Andrés Duany, to Panamá for 9 days to conceptualize and design Porta Norte. In Panamá we mixed them with the top architects, engineers and developers to transmit the local knowledge. The end product is a Town highlights all of the virtues of Panama’s Casco Viejo.

Porta Norte

Our mission is to bring back the community that existed in cities before the widespread adoption of the car, recreating the strong ties that existed in communities.

Location of
Porta Norte

We are next to the Club de Golf de Panama. It is only 10 minutes away from the Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen and 10 minutes away from San Francisco. We have direct access to the Corredor Norte through la Vía Panamá Norte.

Porta Norte

Porta Norte offers developers the ability to purchase blocks and lots that will have to abide the Code of Porta Norte. Porta Norte will do the primary and secondary streets, public spaces, earth movement, wastewater treatment and utilities to all of the lots and blocks. Basically, the developer only have to build vertically.

Master Developers

Grupo Colonias, founded in 1984, is the Master Developer of Porta Norte. Grupo Colonias is in-charge of formulating the vision inspired by the Casco Viejo de Panamá, doing the project management and quality control of Porta Norte. For more information go to http://grupocolonias.com/ .

Grupo Colonias - Porta Norte Panamá

Why Panama?

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Infrastructure in Panamá Norte

The government of Panamá is investing heavily in Panamá Norte. It is the new development area in Panamá.

  • ~ 2015
    North Corridor Extension
    Access to the new section of the North Corridor, between Brisas del Golf and the 24 de Diciembre.
  • ~ 2018
    North Panama Corridor - $96 M
    Rehabilitation and widening of the Pedregal-Gonzalillo-Transísmica Highway.
  • ~ 2018
    Chilibre Municipal Park - North Panama - $16.9 M
    Comptroller signs contract to build a park in North Panama
  • ~ 2019
    Metro Line 2 - 3km away
    The metro will extend network just 3km from North Panama
  • - TBD
    North Panama Hospital - $171 M
    Awarded contract for North Panama.